I was in my spin class the other day, looking out of the glass window, trying to distract myself from my physical efforts. It was a Saturday morning and the gym is crowded. I see many people training.  There is a military type of guy running with a heavy bag full on his shoulder. A father and his daughter on the step machines. Another father having his son throw him a medicine ball while doing sit ups. I am surprised at how many fathers are here training with their kids. I am not sure how I feel about that. Shouldn’t kids be getting their exercise by playing, rather than working out at the gym?

My attention is suddenly caught by another man. It is not really him who caught my attention. It’s the thought that I had when I saw him. You know that instant activation of the limbic brain where the flight or fight decision is made? Where we decide if we trust or don’t trust someone or something. That snap opinion/judgement created in your mind that influences your actions and interactions with people and usually occurs outside of our own awareness, in your subconscious?

Well, this was my snap opinion when I saw this guy.  I thought: “He is better than me!” and that thought shocked me so much that this unconscious judgement became conscious. My mind tried to protect me:  “You know better than that!” And I immediately corrected myself: “That man and I are the same inside!”. We are more than what we look like at first glance. His appearance is what he has decided to make of his envelope.

He looks like he could be in his mid 50s or more. He has completely white hair, but his body is like a 30-year old, very agile and svelte. The expression of his face looks like he is in control. His posture is straight (not rigid) and strong. He is wearing blue sweat pants and a washed out pink t-shirt.

Research shows that we view attractive people as smarter and more successful. They are also given more responsibilities and a higher salary.  Which goes very well with my first impression of him.  I thought that this guy was a CEO of a big company. Although he wasn’t wearing an expensive suit or wasn’t in a business environment, he looked attractive and well put together.


The image that we project is not only based on the clothes we are wearing but also how we carry ourselves.


We are all made of the same stuff.  Our physical body is just the envelope and vehicle that carries us around. What often happens is that we perceive the envelope as the person.  What’s positive is that we can influence this perception by enhancing our envelope. We can make the envelope match the person we are and how we want to be perceived.  Ideally, we are affecting this from a positive place. “A place where we love ourselves, feel valuable and adequate”.

From that place we can better work to transform our envelope with some self-care, exercise, nutrition and a great personal style that resembles who we are as a person. By starting with how we think of ourselves, and by learning some key tools, we can better manage our personal style to impress.

The “CEO” in his gym clothes, looked like someone who had it together. Someone who cares about his well-being and is in control of his life. Someone worthy of my trust and who gets the job done.  He looked confident and his outward image matched his personal style. He had a Bel-Allure!

After one and an half hours of spinning, I left the spin room energized and happy to be doing what I am doing at Bel-Allure.

At Bel-Allure, we reveal and then enhance your beauty to you. Starting from a place where you accept and love your body, we give you the tools so that you match the outside envelope with the internal beauty of YOU. With Bel Allure, walk away with self-confidence!

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