Winter is there! Snow has arrived! So Buckle up for the Winter rollercoaster with its night at 4pm, its sub-sub-sub-zero temperature, its wind chill, and its snow storm! We Love it!!!… or not!

I love it! But I also love to feel warm even in the cold!


 Typically winter style around here: puffy down jacket with fur trimmed hood, lumberjack style boots, socks hat, all preferably in a not flattering colours that match mood!


How about we stay warm and.. stylish!!!

–       How to stay warm and stylish at -20C?
–       Lumberjack boots…! Or not!
–       Heads up warm
–       Stylish gloves or warm mittens?
–       How do I deal with the change of temperature inside and outside? 

I Think Layers! Layers! Layers!

I Think silk thermal underwear: Invest in silk thermal underwear and sock and even gloves. Nice to touch, thin and smooth and can be worn under anything, trapping in your body heat without being bulky.

I Think Wool: Rich and warm material: Wool jumper, pants, skirt, dress, and even wool sock then wool coat. I prefer a warm wool coat, preferably long, to a sleeping bags type of coat.  I also like long wool dresses of skirts with boots.

I Think leather boots: As much as possible. It is not always wet and super cold, and we are not always walking for hours in the cold. For the many dryer and warmer winter day let’s pull off our beautiful leather boots. Let’s wear work of art on our feet.

Or slouchy and shimmery

Or laced up

Trendy this year: pointy boots

Think gloves: Mittens are warmer, but gloves (leather gloves are more stylish). 

Think scarf: a chick Pashmina which will keep you looking fashionable and warm. it can also double as a head wrap when your ears get cold.

Think Colours: Don’t be afraid of colours, they add interest to your outfit This is where you get to wear your Wow colour to compensate the dark winter fashion style.

Tip 1 : Always have “hotshots” handwarmers inside your pockets, just in case!

Tip 2 : Warm yourself from inside out with Love for all what you wear!

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